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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions we are most often asked:

How do I apply to UC Irvine School of Medicine? »

The School of Medicine is a member of the Association of American Medical  Colleges (AAMC).

To be considered, applicants must submit their application online through the American Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS).

Can you send me an application? »

The School of Medicine does not have its own application. We belong to the American Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS) and all applications are received through this service.

What is the AMCAS application deadline? »

The application period opens June 1 and closes Nov. 1 of the year before you intend to enter medical school.

How does AMCAS know I want to apply to UC Irvine's School of Medicine? »

When submitting your AMCAS application, select the University of California, Irvine, among the schools you want to receive your application.

Do all applicants receive secondary applications? »

No. About 3,500 applicants receive a secondary application after a preliminary review by our admissions committee.

Applicants are notified by email that they have been granted a secondary application. Although applicants are also notified by e-mail when they are invited to submit a secondary application, on occasion emails are missed.

How much is fee for a secondary application? »

The secondary application fee is $120. The fee should be paid online, via the secondary application.

The secondary application fee is waived for applicants who have been granted the AMCAS fee waiver.

What is the deadline for the secondary application process?  »

Applicants have one month from the date of the invitation email to complete the secondary application.

How do I submit letters of recommendation? »
UC Irvine participates in the AMCAS Letter Service. The UC Irvine School of Medicine will not accept letters of recommendation sent directly to the school.

Our admissions committee reviews letters of recommendation only from applicants who received a secondary application.

How many letters of recommendation do you require? »
Three to six current letters are suggested.

Applicants are advised to obtain letters of recommendation from individuals (e.g., attending MD, PI, Director, etc.) involved with their major activities.
What are the earliest and latest MCAT test dates accepted for applications? »

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) must have been taken within the three years preceding June 1 of the application year and no later than September 30 of the application year.

Does the School of Medicine accept transfer students? »

The UC Irvine School of Medicine does not accept transfer students. The only exception to this policy would be due to rare and extenuating circumstances where an LCME-accredited medical school must find placement for a student due to an extreme situation, such as a natural disaster. For the transfer policy and procedures please refer to Transfer Policy and Procedures.

Do I have to be a science major to apply to the UC Irvine School of Medicine? »

No. We seek candidates from a variety of majors, backgrounds and experiences.

We do select candidates who show mastery in the sciences and have met the prerequisites. As long as you can demonstrate those criteria, you can apply with any major.

Do I need to have all of my prerequisites complete prior to applying to the UC Irvine School of Medicine? »

No. However, all prerequisites must be completed and recorded on official transcripts by July 15 of the matriculation year.

Does the UC Irvine School of Medicine accept AP credit? »

Yes. We accept AP credit for chemistry and physics.

The AP credit and subject must appear on your college or university official transcript. If it does not and you are selected to be interviewed you will need to submit your AP exam score from the College Board and you must have obtained a score  > 3.

Does the UC Irvine School of Medicine accept online coursework from regionally accredited colleges and universities to fulfill prerequisites? »

In some cases, the UC Irvine School of Medicine does accept online courses for prerequisites. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions and Outreach at with specific questions.

How will I know whether I have been invited to interview? »

Applicants invited to interview will receive an email inviting them to select an interview date. This information will also appear on their applicant portal.


When should I send official transcripts to the UC Irvine School of Medicine? »

Transcripts are requested upon acceptance.

Does your school conduct a criminal background check on applicants? »

Yes. All applicants who are accepted to the UC Irvine School of Medicine as well as selected alternates receive background checks.

UC Irvine School of Medicine participates in the AAMC Background Check Service. As a result, ALL offers of acceptance are CONDITIONAL until our admissions committee has received and reviewed the background check report for each accepted applicant.

For more information, please visit AAMC Criminal Background Service.

Does UC Irvine accept community college coursework towards prerequisite requirements? »
We will accept coursework taken at an accredited U.S community college to fulfill prerequisite requirements, however, the upper-division Biology requirement must be taken at an accredited 4-year institution at the undergraduate level.  Please reference our Admissions Requirement page for the full list of course prerequisites.
What type of degree is required to apply to UC Irvine‚Äôs School of Medicine? »

Applicants must have received an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university by the time of matriculation.

Does the School of Medicine give preference to California residents? »

No. The admissions committee uses the same criteria to evaluate applicants whether they are in-state or out-of-state residents.

Preference is given to applicants who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents with a green card or who are approved under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

As a Californian attending school out of state, can I apply to the UC Irvine School of Medicine as a state resident? »

In most cases, yes. Applicants who leave the state for educational purposes may still be considered California residents.

However, only the UC Irvine Registrar can make a final decision about an applicant’s residency.

If you have specific questions or concerns about state residency, it is best to contact the UC Irvine Registrar’s Office.

How do I apply to the Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community (PRIME-LC)? »

If you receive a secondary application, you can complete the PRIME-LC application.

Note: To be considered for acceptance into PRIME-LC, you must first be accepted into the School of Medicine.

How do I apply for the MD/PhD (MSTP) program? »

The AMCAS application allows you to indicate whether you want to be considered for the UC Irvine School of Medicine MD/PhD program.

If you do wish to be considered, there are additional items you will need to complete on the AMCAS application.

There is no separate UC Irvine School of Medicine application for the MD/PhD program.

Can I get an MD/MBA at UC Irvine School of Medicine? »

Yes. UC Irvine medical students can obtain an MD/MBA.

This is a five-year program that medical students apply for in their second year and begin the MBA portion of their education between their third and fourth years in medical school.

The UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business allows for candidates who have completed three years of medical school training in good standing and passage of USMLE Step 1 as a waiver for the GMAT.

What if my contact information changes? »

It is very important that you report all changes in your contact information to AMCAS as well as to the individual medical schools to which you are applying.

In addition, please forward all changes to

Does the School of Medicine accept applications with DACA status? »

UC Irvine School of Medicine accepts students who are approved under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Applicants will need to provide documentation of their DACA status when submitting their secondary application.

For additional questions not answered above, please email