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Financial Aid for Medical Students

Entering medical students are, by law, required to complete entrance counseling in order to receive federal financial aid. Students must complete the entrance counseling by July 30. If you do not complete the Federal Loans Entrance Counseling, your financial aid will not go through to pay your fees, you will not receive a financial aid disbursement, and a service HOLD will be placed on your records.

The purpose of the Federal Loans Entrance Counseling is to share with you everything you are required, by law, to know about the loans you are borrowing to finance your medical school education. The Entrance Counseling also covers a few other strategies relevant to finance your education and to successfully manage your money as a student.

Please allow 40-45 minutes to complete an online Entrance Counseling session. You can complete your online Entrance Counseling session at the following Department of Education website:

Financial Aid Estimates

If you would like to request an estimate of your financial aid, please complete the following:

  1. Submit a FAFSA/Renewal FAFSA at (School Code 001314):
    • Include your and your spouse’s (if married) income and asset information.
    • Include income and asset information for your parents if you would like to be considered for scholarships/grants./li>
    • Wait for three business days after you have submitted your FAFSA and then contact the SOM Financial Aid Office (Email: CMFAO@UCI.EDU, Phone: 949.824.6476) to make sure that your FAFSA was received.
  2. Submit the School of Medicine Institutional Form at
  3. IRS Data Retrieval from FAFSA or an IRS Tax Return Transcript for you and your spouse (if married)
  4. IRS Data Retrieval from FAFSA or an IRS Tax Return Transcript for your parents (if you would like to be considered for grant funding)
  5. Submit the School of Medicine Verification Worksheet at

Once we have received all the required documents, we will be able to provide you with an estimate for your first year of Medical School.

To get detailed instructions on how to complete a financial aid application, please go to

Please note that your financial aid will not be processed until everything on this list is complete.

Check the status of your financial aid application
Once you have logged in, click on 'My Aid Application Status' and follow the instructions to complete any pending requirements.

Once your financial aid application is complete and you have been awarded a financial aid package, please accept the amount of financial aid you will need.
Once you have logged in, click on My Aid Award and follow the steps to accept the amount you need.

Financial Aid Online Counseling

Financial Aid Master Promissory Notes

Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) – for tuition purposes

Waiving UC Irvine’s Health Insurance

Set up Direct Deposit to receive your financial aid
(once you have logged in, click on DEFT; you will find it on the left side navigation bar)

Financial Aid Application Status

Please go to and log onto "My Aid" to check:

  1. Status of your financial aid application: "My Aid Application Status"
  2. Your financial aid package: "My Aid Award"
  3. Documents you need to complete to get your loans ready for disbursement: "My To Do List"


As part of New Student Orientation, the School of Medicine Financial Aid Office will offer a workshop. Attendance is mandatory for all entering medical students, whether they are on financial aid or not. The workshop will cover topics from how financial aid works to how to manage your money.


If you have questions about your Federal Loans Entrance Counseling, please feel free to contact the School of Medicine Financial Aid Office at (949) 824-6476 or by email at