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For Housestaff

We hope your training and experiences at the UCI School of Medicine are rewarding and enriching.

Many of our policies are described below. For further information, please contact us at the links provided.

GME Weekly Messages/Newsletters »

  • The Office of Graduate Medical Education sends out weekly emails, as well as monthly newsletters, with important information for our housestaff and program leadership related to accreditation, wellness, patient safety and quality improvement. This information may be referenced on our GME SharePoint site.
Policies and Procedures »

The following GME information, including institutional policies and procedures, can be found on our GME Sharepoint site for housestaff or at the links provided below:

Benefit Information »

You may reference your health benefits information at

View the Residents and Fellows Orientation Presentation.

You may also reference this information on our GME Sharepoint site.

Questions related to your benefits may be addressed to Courtney Strayer at 714-456-3526 or

Wellness Resources »


UCI GME Wellness Resource Guide

Sleep Education/Transportation Reimbursement Program »

Sleep Education Awareness

All housestaff members are required to complete an annual learning module on sleep, fatigue and alertness management.

Transportation Reimbursement Program

The GME Office offers a transportation reimbursement program for all housestaff. Members are encouraged to call a transportation service if they feel too sleepy to drive home safely.

  • To be reimbursed by the GME Office, housestaff members must complete a reimbursement request form accompanied by original receipts and turn it into the GME office within 30 days of use.
  • The Resident Transportation Reimbursement request form is available on the GME Sharepoint site.
Anonymous Feedback / Grievance Resources »

It is the general policy of the university to facilitate the resolution of complaints and grievances arising from appointment with the university. UC Irvine strongly encourages residents to report all grievances and complaints directly to their program leadership (e.g., program director, program coordinator, faculty director and/or department chair).

Residents also are encouraged to report grievances, concerns and complaints at one or more institutional levels:


Residents wishing to file a grievance with the GME office should contact the GME Director and submit a written complaint. The Director will contact the DIO, who will meet with the resident and conduct such investigation as may be necessary to obtain the relevant facts and formulate a solution. If the offered resolution is unsatisfactory, the resident may seek review of it by the Senior Associate Dean of Medical Education. The Senior Associate Dean’s decision regarding any grievance will be final. This process is in addition to any rights the resident may have pursuant to departmental policies; the University of California, Irvine Whistleblower Protection Policy; the resident’s right to seek assistance from the UC Irvine Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD), or any other University of California, Irvine office or official.

Anonymous feedback

The GME administration at the School of Medicine wants to hear your ideas, feedback and concerns. Our anonymous feedback system enables house staff members to provide feedback about their training experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All information received is 100 percent anonymous. There is no tracer to any computer or email address. 

When submitting a message, please provide specific information related to any ideas or concerns about their training experience. 

If you would like a direct follow-up and response, please leave a name, pager or cell phone number, as well as the program name. If the message is to remain anonymous, simply leave out the program name and identifying specifics.

Complete the form at ›

View the official grievance policy at GME Sharepoint site ›
Worker’s Compensation Incident Reporting »


SUPERVISOR RESPONSIBILITIES: It is your responsibility to ensure all incidents/ injuries/ illnesses and accidents are timely reported to Campus WC Office. Follow through with employee to ensure forms are promptly completed.
Detailed “How to Instructions” available on web site: for Employeesfor Supervisors

EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES: review with each new hire and thereafter annually.
  • Report the injury or illness to supervisor promptly
  • Complete the Campus Online Incident Report
  • Complete and sign employee portion of DWC-1 claim form and return in order to initiate a claim
  • Attend all medical appointments
  • Keep supervisor advised of work status – timely report any lost time
  • Schedule appointments outside of work, when possible
  • Follow work restrictions – timely report any work restrictions
Need an expert or want additional training, contact Campus Workers' Compensation Office:

Darlene Rivas, Workers' Compensation & Disability Coordinator, Initial Point of Contact, (949) 824- 9152.
Ingrid Fahr, Workers' Compensation & Disability Consultant, SOM Liaison, (949) 824-7008.

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

  • After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays:
    • Contact House Supervisor 714-456-8455/pager 714-506-6000.
  • During Regular Business Hours: If you sustain a bloodborne pathogen exposure/sharps injury while on duty:
    • Immediately report to your supervisor and contact Occupational Health at 714-456-8300 to receive medical evaluation and treatment.
Occupational Health
Building 29, Pavilion 3
Phone: 714-456-8300
Fax:  714-456-6540

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center – Resident/Fellow Onsite Duty Injury/Illness Instructions

  • During Regular Business Hours:
    • If you are injured while on duty, you must immediately report to LBMMC Employee Health Services to receive a medical evaluation and treatment. All injuries and illnesses will be evaluated in Employee Health Services at 562-933-1600.
  • After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays:
    • Contact House Supervisor at X 35630 or pager # 17242. OMS Staff are on call and will respond within 20 minutes.
  • Follow Up Care:
    • Resident and Medical Students have the option to follow up with EHS or their home institution.  (continued on back)
  • Employee Health Services is located across from Farmers & Merchants Bank
    • GME will be notified of your injury/illness and work status.
  • Medical Emergencies (life-threatening) should Report to the Emergency Room.
  • Office of Graduate Medical Education Contact: Barbara Bryant Off: 562-933-3800 | Fax: 562-933-3888
CLER (Clinical Learning Environment Review) »

Resident Procedural Competencies

At UC Irvine Medical Center, faculty, nurses and housestaff have an objective way to know how to identify a resident's required level of supervision. This resource is called our Resident Competency Database.

Safety and Quality Improvement System (SQIS)

Report your near-misses and good catches into our Safety and Quality Improvement System. Reporting into SQIS not only provides full protection from disclosure but also allows our quality and safety teams the ability to further investigate issues that may lead to improvements in the system and our practice that help provide better patient care. Information reported into SQIS helps the organization identify potential system improvements through intensive review and root-cause analyses (RCA). This allows us to develop ways to prevent serious future errors.  

CLER Leadership Team:

  • President of the Housestaff Safety Officer Committee
    Dr. Marlon Maducdoc, PGY 5, Otolaryngology
  • Vice President of Housestaff Safety Officer Committee
    Dr. Seung-Ah Lee, PGY 3, Plastic Surgery

Quality and Safety Meetings for Housestaff and Faculty Safety Officers

Housestaff and faculty safety officers are required to attend these monthly meetings. Program Directors are also strongly encouraged to attend to ensure that they are aware of hospital safety initiatives.

Program directors and chairs should protect 10 minutes every month before a conference so that faculty and housestaff safety officers can share important information.

2019-2020 Interdisciplinary Quality and Safety meetings will be held on these dates:

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
5:15PM - 6:15PM
Building 22A, Room 2105-2106

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
5:15PM - 6:15PM
Building 22A, Room 2105-2106

Tuesday, January 7, 2020
5:15PM - 6:15PM
Building 22A, Room 2105-2106

Monday, March 2, 2020
5:15PM - 6:15PM
Building 22A, Room 2105-2106

Tuesday, May 5, 2020
5:15PM - 6:15PM
Building 22A, Room 2105-2106

Yellow Belt Certificate in Lean Six Sigma

Yellow belt Lean Six Sigma certificate program session are being offered at UC Irvine Medical Center (in the auditorium of Building 53) on the following days:                   

  • Tuesday, April 14, 2020, 1:00PM - 6:00PM, Building 53 Auditorium
  • Wednesday, October 7, 2020 1:00PM - 6:00PM, Building 53 Auditorium

You only need to attend one session. You must sign up with the GME Office at for the yellow belt certification classes at least seven days prior to the desired class.

What is CLER?

Parking, Security and Contact Informations »


View information about parking passes — and whether they are accepted on both the Irvine campus and the medical center — at

Security Contacts

UC Irvine

  • Campus police, non-emergency — 949-824-5223
  • UC Irvine Medical Center  714-456-5493
  • Inside hospital — ext. 5493

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

  • Outside the hospital — 562-933-0010
    Inside hospital — ext. 30010

VA Long Beach Healthcare System

  • Outside the hospital — 562-826-5800
  • Inside hospital — ext, 5000
    Note: This is police dispatch. Specify emergency or non-emergency.

CHOC Children's Hospital of Orange County

  • Outside the hospital — 714-509-3900
  • Inside hospital — ext. 13900

Orange County Global Medical Center (formerly Western Medical Center)

  • Outside the hospital — 714-953-3273
  • Inside hospital — ext. 4441 or ext. 4913

Kaiser Permanente Orange County-Anaheim Medical Center

  • Outside the hospital — 714-644-5511
    Inside hospital —ext, 5511

Kaiser Permanente Bellflower and Downey medical centers (Same number for both locations)

  • Outside the hospital — 562-657-7799
  • Inside hospital — ext. 77799

Kaiser Permanente Orange County-Irvine Medical Center

  • Outside the hospital — 949-932-5511
  • Inside hospital — ext. 5511

Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center

  • Outside the hospital — 951-353-4545
  • Inside hospital — ext. 4545
CIR/SEIU information  »
Medical Student Information / Resources for Housestaff »

School of Medicine Program Objectives and Course/Clerkship Objectives

  • There are four core competencies required for medical students: Knowledge, Skill, Altruism, Duty.
  • These four core competencies map to the 19 School of Medicine program objectives.
  • Each course and clerkship has learning objectives that are driven by the 19 program objectives.
  • The required clinical experiences for each clerkship can be also be found on the page with the clerkship objectives.

The Student Handbook contains all medical education policies. The specific policies/procedures that residents should be aware of include:

Lactation Resources »

The GME Office supports our residents who are parents.  Here is some info on lactation resources at the medical center!

Lactation Rooms at the UC Irvine Medical Center

UC Irvine Health has Medela hospital-grade pumps for staff members to use while they pump at work. Employees are responsible for purchasing their own Medela double electric breast pump kit.



There are several lactation rooms throughout the UC Irvine medical center for your convenience:

  • Douglas Hospital, room 4004 and room 6004
    Keys are available from the atrium main lobby information desk on the first floor. After 9:30 p.m., a key can be obtained from the security desk.
  • Douglas Hospital, NICU room 4435
    This pump room is for perinatal employees only. The key can be obtained in the NICU, L/D
  • Chao Family Cancer Center pump room
    This room is located inside the changing room. The pump room is for OSS/GI employees only.
  • 200 Manchester Building, 8th floor, suite 837
    The keys are available from Human Resources in suite 800.

Additional Resources

Medical plan resources: 
UC medical plans provide a variety of breastfeeding support resources including nurse lines, counselors and online programs to help you if you have questions about breastfeeding. If you are covered by a UC medical plan, breastfeeding support, supplies and counseling may be available at no cost. For details, contact your plan ›

Breastfeeding classes: 
Offered at no cost by UC Irvine Health to all UCI faculty and staff. View the breastfeeding class schedule ›

Newborn Care classes: 
Offered at no cost by UC Irvine Health to all UCI faculty and staff. View newborn care class schedule 

UCI Parenting classes and Webinars:
Offered at no cost to all UCI faculty and staff. Classes include: Expecting Parents, Parenting Resources 101, Infant and Child Fist Aid & CPR, SCholarShare, and more. View parenting class schedule ›

UC Irvine Health Lactation consultant: 
Our UCI lactation consultant is Michelle Yearick, who can be reached at 714.456.3920 or