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633K Infectious Diseases

This rotation is not accepting international students


Course Description:  During the Infectious Disease elective, students will experience a high level of activity involving consultations throughout the Medical Center. Patients are seen who have a variety of acute problems requiring both diagnostic and therapeutic advice from the Infectious Diseases Section. The Infectious Diseases Section has one subspecialty fellow and rotating residents assigned. Teaching of medical students is performed by the attending faculty and the subspecialty fellows clinical pharmacists, infection control nurses and microbiology laboratory personnel. The students will also participate in the infectious disease clinic where they will be part of an interdisciplinary team providing outpatient care to patients with HIV.

Prerequisites: UC Irvine students must have successfully completed the core clerkship in internal medicine. Extramural students must be in the final year of undergraduate medical education.

Restrictions: This rotation is not accepting international students

Department: Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases

Elective Director: Robert Kaplan, M.D., Department of Medicine, II/III, Room 219, LBVAMC, 5901 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 92880

Instructing Faculty: Robert A. Kaplan, M.D, Gary Segal, M.D, Stephen Berman, M.D., Rodney Wishnow, M.D., David Webb, M.D.

Course Website: None

Location/time/who to Report on First Day: Sharon Davis (562) 826-8000 ext.3065

Site Coordinator: Carmen Smith, UC Irvine Medical Center, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease, 333 West City Blvd., City Tower, Suite 400,Orange, CA 92868, 714-456-5142,

Site: Long Beach VA Healthcare System

Periods Available: Throughout the year

Duration:  4 weeks

Number of Students: 2

Scheduling Coordinator: UC Irvine students please email  or call (714) 456-8462 to make a scheduling appointment. Please read the following information carefully. We are one of 10 pilot schools for a new scheduling program called VSAS. Therefore, any student enrolled at a U.S. LCME medical school will use VSAS to apply. To apply please refer to this website  

Course Objectives:   At the end of this rotation the student will be:. Students must enroll at least 30 days in advance.

  • Knowledgeable of infectious diseases, and pathophysiologic mechanisms
  • Knowledgeable about the management of infectious disease patients
  • Demonstrate professionalism by attending assigned conferences, lectures and rounds
  • Able to provide diagnostic and/or therapeutic advice regarding infectious diseases
  • Work as a team member with laboratory, pharmacology and allied health professionals.

Key Topics:

  • Clinical manifestations of infections involving all organ systems
  • Microbiology
  • Infectious diseases epidemiology
  • Laboratory tests to diagnose infectious diseases
  • Use of anti-microbial therapies


  • Knowledgeable about basic tools available to diagnose infectious diseases
  • Knowledgeable about epidemiology of common infections
  • Knowledgeable about treatment of common infections, including HIV infection

Attitudes & Commitments:

  • Compassion
  • Thoroughness in patient work ups
  • Appreciation of importance of infectious diseases in all specialties of medicine
  • Appreciation of myriad manifestations of infectious diseases
  • Appreciation of detective work involved in diagnosis of infectious diseases

Educational Activities: Consult rounds, weekly ID Grand Rounds, weekly fellow conferences, Medicine department didaction

What Students Should do to Prepare for the Rotation:

Current VA ID Badge.  If this is your first time coming to the VA, you probably don’t have the new VA ID badge.  In order to get your new badge, you will need to contact the VA HR office, Mr. Ivan Aguilar at to set up an appointment for your VA ID photo.  The email to Ivan should be sent approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of your rotation. *If you have previously rotated at the VA, have them check your badge to assure they are not expired.  If your badge is expired, you will need to follow the instructions above to get your renewal completed.

Make sure your TMS training is up to date.  It is highly recommended that you bring your certificates of completion training if possible.  If you are unsure if your training is current, you can check your TMS account at 

Contact site coordintor at least 4 weeks before the start of the rotation.

Clinical Responsibilities of the Student: participate in the infectious disease clinic and inpatient consult service

Patient Care Responsibilities: Not stated

Call Schedule of the Student: None

Procedures to be Learned by the Student: Not stated

Percentage of Time Student will Participate in Ambulatory Setting: 20%

Conference/Lecture/Small Group Sessions: Not stated

Course Hours Weekly Summary: Not stated

Content Theme Integration: Not stated

Recommended Reading:

  • Mandell, Principles and Practice of Infectious Disease

Official Grading Policy:  The student will receive a grade of Honors, Pass or Fail. The student's final grade will be submitted on the standard UC Irvine elective form. The student will be evaluated by attendings and residents in the areas attendance, knowledge base, clinical skills, motivation, professionalism and interpersonal skills. The student will receive feedback from on an on-going basis. If the student fails the elective a grade of "F" will be permanently recorded on his/her transcript. The student can repeat the course for a second grade, however, the "F" will not be removed from the transcript.