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MD/MBA Program

Eric K. Wei, MD, MBA, 2009 graduate, "I graduated in the UCI MD/MBA class of 2009. I’m now faculty at LAC+USC in the Emergency Department. I’m using my MBA as the Assistant Medical Director of the ED with focus on Operations and Quality Improvement. Thank you for setting up the joint MD/MBA program and being such an advocate for us!"

Brian Potts, MD, MBA, 2004 graduate, heard of UC Irvine's MD/MBA program and contacted Dr. Maria Chandler while an honors student at Stanford University.  He states that “the existence of the MD/MBA program was one of the key reasons which made me choose UC Irvine School of Medicine over other medical schools.” He was extremely satisfied with the curriculum because it was “comprehensive in all aspects” and allowed him to “experience the full educational opportunities that the business school offered.”  Brian felt the strengths included: “the five-year program, flexibility for coursework and getting to work with other business students from varied professional backgrounds.” 

Mario San Bartolome, MD, MBA, 2004 graduate, and Buck Scholar, states that “the presence of the MD/MBA program was a primary factor for my choice to attend UCI. The MBA curriculum was exactly what I expected...a curriculum that offered broad exposure to courses that in the end add one more tool or dimension to aid in problem solving in medicine/business/life.”  Strengths of the program include “the broad nature of the courses [that] allow for application of principles across many aspects of medicine on a micro and macro level and the excellent health economics courses.”  Mario mentions that “at the time I completed the program, it was a two-year experience. I believe this was a plus because during that time I had the opportunity to create real-life experiences--starting companies and learning from all of the successes and failures that are involved in startup companies.  Honestly, nothing can replace ‘jumping into the game’ while using the principles and analytical skills that I was learning to create solutions ‘on the fly.’”


Eric K. Wei, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Keck School of Medicine of USC
Assistant Medical Director – Emergency Department
LAC+USC Medical Center
Clinical Faculty – Department of Emergency Medicine
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Brian Potts, MD, MBA, was accepted into his first choice of emergency medicine residency programs and is now an emergency physician at a major medical group in the Bay Area.  “One of the key reasons that they hired me” was “what I could bring to the table with my background in business.”  He has since advanced to leadership positions within the group and says he uses “leadership skills developed through the MD/MBA program on a daily basis.”

Mario San Bartolome, MD, MBA, received the residency of his choice in Family Medicine at Long Beach Memorial in Long Beach, Calif.  He also credits his MD/MBA training also in being hired afterward as the assistant director of community medicine and states “I believe that having an MBA was a factor that led to my position as a faculty member at a residency with responsibilities that also included coordinating practice management and technology.”  He has also been able to co-found multiple small businesses, including nonprofits.