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MD/MBA Program
Admissions Process

Interested students apply for the dual-degree MD/MBA program at UC Irvine's School of Medicine in their second year of medical school, after their admission and matriculation to the UC Irvine School of Medicine. A program information session is scheduled each year for current medical students who are interested in the MD/MBA Program.

During the first year of medical school, students are encouraged to take Business of Medicine, which will expose them to several relevant issues and help refine their interest in the program.  At the end of the first year, students should indicate their interest in the MD/MBA program to Dr. Maria Chandler.

Selection Process

Admission to the MD/MBA program is competitive and not all medical students who apply are accepted. Once the application materials are submitted, they are reviewed by the MD/MBA Admissions Committee.  This Committee consists of representatives from both schools and at least one MD/MBA student, who review each application thoroughly and score each candidate. Candidates are evaluated based on medical school academic performance, letters of recommendation, essays and résumé, which seek to elicit information about personal accomplishments, demonstrated leadership skills, managerial potential, motivation and ability to pursue a rigorous management graduate program.  Completion of three years of medical school training in good standing and passage of USMLE Step 1 serve as a waiver for the GMAT admissions examination usually required for application to the MBA program.  Finally, students are notified of their acceptance into the program in the spring of their second year, pending passage of the USMLE Step I.

Application Checklist
  • MD/MBA Program applications are made available in September and are due at the end of January each year, which is still more than one year prior to beginning MBA coursework. Each student is responsible for submitting the following:
  • Online Application Form.  The application can be found as a link on the MBA website. Please note that hardcopies are not accepted.
  • Transcripts.  Undergraduate and other (non-UC Irvine) graduate transcripts are required and must be mailed to the MBA Recruitment and Admissions Office at the Merage School of Business. Unofficial copies are not acceptable.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation. The application provides the option of online submission of recommendation forms. Please see the recommendation section of the application for additional details about the process. A supplemental letter may accompany these forms if your recommender desires.  If you obtain hard copies, please mail them to the MBA Recruitment and Admissions Office at the Merage School of Business.
  • Essays. This is an important part of the application. Please include any previous studies or work experience that you have had and your future goals as an MD/MBA.
  • Employment History – Résumé.  Submit a copy of your résumé and for each position held include job title, a detailed description of your responsibilities and your reason for leaving.
  • Application Fee.  The application fee is waived for medical students. In order to receive your waiver, you must start the online application and email the MBA Recruitment and Admissions Office,, to request a waiver. They can then waive your application fee. Be sure to request the waiver prior to completing and submitting your application.
  • Admissions Test.  No admissions test is required.  The MCAT substitutes for the GMAT. 

Please submit the online application and all supporting materials by March 15.  Supporting materials can be mailed or dropped off to the following address:

The Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine
Full-Time MBA Program, SB 220
Irvine, CA 92697-3125