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Whatever is real has a meaning.
- Michael Oakeshott, philosopher

Course Descriptions

University Studies 5: Wounded Storytellers: Narratives Of Illness In Literature (1999-2000)
Undergraduate Medical Education

Year 1
Anatomy of Anatomy

Patient Stories/Doctor Stories

Year 2
Reflective Reading and Writing for Medical Students
Year 3
Humanism through Humanities: Pediatrics Clerkship

Cross-Cultural Medicine Reflective Practice: Family Medicine Clerkship

Medical Readers' Theater: Family Medicine Clerkship

Relationship, Ethics, and Communication as Components of Clinical
Practice: Internal Medicine Clerkship

Year 4
Research Elective in Medical Humanities/Social Sciences

Art of Doctoring

Residency Education
Family Medicine Residency Course: The Uses of Literature in Behavioral Science Training (1999-Current)
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Course: Rehabilitation of Body, Mind, and Spirit: The Humanities Component of the PM&R Rotation (2001-2003)
Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner Program
Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner Program: Exploring the Cross-Cultural Clinician-Patient Encounter Through Literature (1999-2000)
Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner Program: Can Poetry Improve the Difficult Clinician-Patient Relationship? (1999-2003)