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Course Descriptions


Rehabilitation of Body, Mind, and Spirit:
The Humanities Component of the PM&R Rotation

Johanna Shapiro, Ph.D., Jerome Tobis, M.D.

Description: As part of the residency program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a monthly humanities reading and discussion session is offered.

Purpose: The goals of this experience are to 1) help residents learn to see through their patients' eyes 2) provide residents with literary tools that can help them think differently about their patients 3) explore and at times challenge conventional wisdom about a) disability b) noncompliance c) the doctor-patient relationship.

Participants: 5-6 PM&R residents, the clerkship medical student, 3-4 faculty.

Topics and Readings:

On Being a Cripple

    "On Being A Cripple" Nancy Mairs


Stroke (3 sessions)

    "Aphasia and All About Not Speaking About It" - Judy Schaefer
    "Apraxia" - Margaret Robison
    "Global Aphasia" - Enid Shomer
    "Stroke" - Arthur Ginsberg
    "The Stroke" - Chrisopher Fahy
    "Stroke Patient" - Rochelle Ratner
    "Five Months After My Stroke" - Margaret Robison
    "Irene" Jack Coulehan
    "Stroke" Susan Irene Rea
    "Eleven Steps" - Jack Coulehan
    "The Game" Harold Bond
    After the Stroke: A Journal May Sarton (excerpts)
    "Wings" - Arthur Kopit (excerpt; roleplay)
    "Appropriate Affect" Sue Miller



    "Caregiver" - Juliet Krono
    Saving Milly - Morton Kondracke (excerpts)
    The Body Silent - Robert Murphy (excerpts)
    "Jill Came Tumbling After" - Susan Parker
    "Retarded" - Howard Stein


Being a Doctor (4 sessions)
      "Technology and Medicine" Rafael Campo
      "Shamanic Journey" Kristen Emmott
      "'Round Killar" - Eric Dyer
      "What I Love" - Richard M. Berlin
      "Painting in the Nude" - Eric Dyer
      "Magic" - Louis Alper
      "Sweet Thursday" John Steinbeck (excerpt)
      "The Portugal Laurel" - John Wright
      "West on 172nd" - John Wright
      "The Knitted Glove" - Jack Coulehan
      "The Log of PI" - Marc Straus
      "A Pause" - Marc Straus
      "They Call Me Doctor" - Steve Roberts
        "Chromatic" Stacy J. Keen
        "El Curandero" Rafael Campo
        "Postcall" Rachel Rose
        "Who Looks After Your Kids?" - Kristen Emmott
        "Monday Morning" - Audrey Shafer
        "The Bass" - John Stone
        "Number Our Days" - Norbert Hirschorn "Real Numbers" - Vincent Hanlon
        "EKG" - Paula Tatarunis "What Stays Down" - Vincent Hanlon
    • Personal Life Significant Other Children Caring for Sick Family Members The Sick Physician
      "Diabetes" - James Dickey
      "Whose Daddy's Next?" - Robert Carroll
      "The Promise" - Veneta Masson
      "Pamphlets" Andrea Dominick
      Conflicting Doctor and Patient Agendas - J. Shapiro, R. Yu, M. White
      "Chin-Operated Motorized Wheelchair" - Ronald Wallace
      "Walking with the Kurds" - John Hockenberry
      "The Damaged Self" - Robert Murphy
      Tender Mercies - Rosellen Brown (excerpts)
  • Becoming a Doctor Being a Doctor Limits of Doctoring - Professional Limits of Doctoring - Personal




    Paraplegia and Quadriplegia