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You can miss a lot by sticking to the point.
- traditional Hmong saying

Introductory Materials

Getting Started Reading List


Poetry for Physicians: How Poetry Can Improve Your Doctoring

Introduction to Medical Humanities

Introduction to Medical Humanities

The Patient's Experience through Literature and Art


Anatomy and Humanities

Anatomy and Humanities

Art of Doctoring

Art of Doctoring

Relationship-Centered Care


Behavioral Science Teaching Through Literature

Curling Up with a Good Book



Burn-out in Residency and in Life


Improving Physician QOL

Take Two Poems and Call Me in the Morning: Poetic Remedies to Soothe Physician Stress and Burn-Out



Real Medicine: Introduction to Clerkships

Spoonful of Humanities: Introducing Medical Humanities in a Family Medicine Clerkship

Culture in Medicine Through Literature

Cultures Colliding: Teaching about Culture through Literature


Difficult Patient-Physician Interactions

Working with Difficult People

Difficult Patient-Physician Interactions In Literature  *  *

Disability and Literature

Teaching Medical Students about Disability through Dance  *  *
Teaching Medical Students about Disability through Literature/Arts  *  *

Emotions In Medicine

Working with Difficult Emotions


Emotional Equilibrium.Positive Emotions

Emotions in Medicine  *  *  *
Empathy  *  *

Families in Family Medicine

Bermuda Triangle in Family Medicine


Medical Readers Theater

Medical Readers Theater   *  *

Narrative Typologies; Narrative Medicine

Stories Students Tell (about Ethical Dilemmas): What Student Narrative Typologies Can Tell Us about their Approaches to Ethical Decision-Making

Stories Students Tell about Ethical  Dilemmas    *

Narrative Medicine


Poetry in Medicine

Poetry for Physicians: How Poetry Can Improve Your Doctoring

Poetry in Motion: Listening to the Voices of Medical Students

Inner World of Medical Students: Listening to their Voices in Reflective Writing and Poetry  *  *  

Reflective Writing in Medical Education

Personal Writing as a Tool for Professional Development

Words and Wards: A Model of Reflective Writing and its Uses in Medical Education

Medical Student Writing  *  

Research in Humanities

Humanities Research 

Rural Medicine

Rural Epiphanies: How Reality Intersects with Literature