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Graduate Class of 2009

Anna Altshuler, MD, MPH »

Anna Altshuler, MD, MPH
MPH, Harvard University
Residency, Ob/Gyn Medical Resident, University of Washington
Affiliated Hospitals
Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley
Home Town: Santa Monica, CA

"I chose to enter PRIME-LC because of its holistic approach to understanding and addressing the health needs of medically underserved people, including Latinos. By working as an HIV and hepatitis counselor in poor marginalized communities, I learned that there are many structural issues that affect people's health. Those who lack sustainable employment opportunities or do not have their rights protected by the government are much more likely to become ill. I wanted to learn how to medically treat those who are ill as well as to have skills to confront larger societal problems that cause my patients to become ill in the first place. PRIME-LC has helped me understand the influences of history, politics and social structure on Latino communities' understanding of health and illness. Furthermore, it has enabled me to pursue a MPH in health policy with which I hope to change unjust social structures."

Sarah Lopez, MD, MBA »

Sarah Lopez, MD, MBA
MBA , UC Irvine
Residency, Emergency Medicine,
University of Southern California
Biology, UC Irvine
Home Town: Santa Ana, CA

"It is particular fulfilling to be applying to the PRIME-LC program, knowing it encompasses the same vision of healthcare I have... PRIME-LC is a program geared to training physicians to understand the many different cultural barriers that can be found, along with providing the tools necessary to overcome them. The combined medical and master's program provided will help me when dealing with the different ethical, cultural and medical issues that I will someday encounter."

Gabriel Rivera, MD, MBA »

Gabriel Rivera, MD, MBA
MBA, UC Irvine
Residency, Internal Medicine, George Washington University
Psychology, California State University, Fresno
Home Town: Visalia, CA

"I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at California State University, Fresno. While at Fresno State I was active in the healthcareers Opportunity Program (HCOP) as well as the Career Opportunities in Research (COR) program. My extracurricular activities included tutoring at Sunnyside High School for lower socioeconomic adolescents and participating in mental health research pertaining to Mexican-American's utilization rates and psychological barriers.
With my experiences growing up, and my educational background, PRIME-LC was an ideal program to continue fostering growth and an understanding of the Latino community. In addition, I felt a degree in public health or business would be essential to provide advocacy for the Latino community as well as to obtain an understanding of the current problems with our healthcare system."

Carl Smith, MD, MBA »

Carl Smith, MD, MBA
MBA, UC Irvine
Residency, Emergency Medicine, University of New Mexico HSC
Latin American Studies, Brigham Young University
Home Town: Covina, CA

"PRIME-LC attracted me with its shared emphasis on serving in a community that I love. I feel that it's important to use our privileged positions as future physicians to serve in our community in a meaningful way. I plan on working with a nonprofit organization that provides medical care to the poor. PRIME-LC will provide me with the skills, knowledge and network needed to accomplish my goals."