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Message from the director

UC Irvine PRIME-LC director Charles Vega, M.D.
PRIME-LC Program is designed to create leaders and activists for Latino communities

Dr. Charles Vega, Director of PRIME-LC Program

The Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community (PRIME-LC) at UC Irvine is a five-year, dual-degree program designed to create leaders and physician-activists for underserved Latino communities.

PRIME-LC accomplishes this mission through a combination of immersion experiences in both Mexico and Southern California, coursework led by a committed group of faculty from the School of Medicine as well as the School of Social Sciences, collaboration with advocacy groups and community leaders focused on contemporary issues affecting Latino communities and advanced degree coursework and community projects designed to transform these medical students’ concepts of health and leadership.

Planning for PRIME-LC began in 2001 and we enrolled our first cohort of students in 2004. We also have created a residency track for PRIME-LC in Family Medicine here at UC Irvine.

Our graduates are now working toward achieving one of our most important goals: to create a network of physician-activists and leaders across the state of California, all working in different yet interconnected ways to reduce health care disparities for Latino patients, particularly Latino immigrants.

We accept only students who have demonstrated a significant commitment to social justice and the Latino community. We take this commitment and augment students’ enthusiasm and abilities through a novel, multidisciplinary curriculum and the students have already accomplished some remarkable things in their time here.

The establishment of PRIME-LC has enriched our campus and our larger community, and I hope that you are as excited as I am about this tremendous program!

Dr. Charles Vega, MD
Director of PRIME-LC Program