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Psychological services for UCI Medical Students

What are psychological services and why would I need them?

Welcome to Medical School! The coming years will be exciting and interesting and will be full of amazing experiences and people. You will undoubtedly discover so much about yourselves during the process of medical school and you might find it helpful to talk to someone about your discoveries. As students at the UCI School of Medicine, you have access to mental health services at no cost to you. The rigors of medical school can be challenging enough by themselves, but medical students don’t exist in a vacuum. The other parts of your lives can also include stressful circumstances, such as relationships with family, friends and significant others, time management puzzles, relocation to a new geographical area, and changes in your access to social support.  Transitions, even the ones you’ve been looking forward to for a long time, cause stress. Typically, you probably know how to manage stress, but sometimes you can be taken by surprise by unexpected circumstances or your reaction to a new situation. During times like these, it’s helpful to know that you can access a safe and confidential space to explore your circumstances. 

Individual therapy offers you the opportunity to talk about whatever is on your mind while feeling reassured that the content of your sessions is confidential.  Therapy is like a journey that we will go on together; it’s different for every person. You can identify the things that feel important or that need attention, and we will work together to identify your strengths, and effective coping skills, as well as obstacles or unhelpful patterns. It can take a few sessions or longer, depending upon what you’d like to address. During our first session we will determine the resources that are available to you and what might be most helpful and appropriate. 

If you’d like to make an appointment, contact Dr. Anju Hurria at or by phone at 714.456.7473.

You can also contact Dr. Julianne Toohey. In addition, the Student Counseling Center on main campus can see you immediately if you need to do so. You can contact them directly at 949.824.6457 and