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2018-2019 Graduate Medical Education Committee Member List

GMEC Leaders
Deena McRae, MD, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education/DIO; GMEC Chair
Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, MD, Vice Dean for Medical Education; GMEC Co-Chair
Matthew Dolich, MD, Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education/DSO
Courtney Strayer, Director for Graduate Medical Education
Kathryn Kennedy, Coordinator for Graduate Medical Education

Program Leadership Voting Members
Megan Osborn, MD, Program Director, Emergency Medicine
Brian Smith, MD, Program Director, Surgery
Bindu Swaroop, MD, Program Director, Internal Medicine
Emily Dow, MD, Program Director, Family Medicine
Tommy Wang, MD, Program Director, Pediatrics
Robert McCarron, MD, Program Director, Psychiatry
Greg Evans, MD, Program Director, Plastic Surgery
Laura Fitzmaurice, MD, Program Director, OB/GYN
Kyle Ahn, MD, Program Director, Anesthesiology
David Floriolli, MD, Program Director, Radiology
Lilit Mnatsakanyan, MD, Program Director, Neurology
Jay Han, MD, Program Director, PM & R
Sheila Zhao, MD, Program Director, Pathology
Affiliate Designated Institutional/Educational Officials
Michael Nageotte, MD, DIO of Long Beach Memorial
Jim Korb, MD, DAA of Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Kirk McNagny, MD, DEO of Tibor Rubin VA

Resident Voting Members
Timothy Lee, MD, Family Medicine, PGY 3 – President of the Housestaff Safety Officers
Amit Jain, MD, Cardiology, PGY 6 – Vice President of the Housestaff Safety Officers
Rasha Ahmed, MD, Internal Medicine, PGY2 
Masood Younus, MD, Internal Medicine, PGY2
Andia Turner, MD, Psychiatry, PGY3
Jessica Kim, MD, Psychiatry, PGY 3
Seung-Ah Lee, MD, Plastic Surgery, PGY 2
Virginia Tancioco, MD, OB/GYN, PGY 3
Keith Cochran, MD, Neurology, PGY4
Sadaf Sareshwala, DO, Family Medicine, PGY3
Lutfi Al-Khouja, MD, Surgery, PGY3
Keri Mayers, DO, Surgery, PGY3
Ethan Kunstadt, MD, Emergency Medicine, PGY3
Ariya Chau, MD, Pediatrics, PGY3
Amanda Schafenacker, MD, Pediatrics, PGY3
Harjot Singh, MD, Anesthesiology/Pediatrics, PGY 4
Fady Boutros, MD, PM&R, PGY 3