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Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community (PRIME-LC) Academy

What is PRIME-LC Academy?

PRIME-LC Academy is a one-week program designed to help future leaders for California’s Latino communities to gain knowledge, skills, and experience which will advance their goals as physicians restoring social justice to health. 

Who should apply?

The application process is competitive. Candidates should have enrolled or completed degrees in 4-year undergraduate institutions. Like PRIME-LC students, they should have a record of experience in disadvantaged Latino communities and a clear goal to serve these communities in medical school and beyond. Conversational Spanish is also required. Applicants from all backgrounds are welcome to apply to the academy. 


PRIME-LC Academy students

PRIME-LC Academy is a one-week (Mon-Sat) day summer camp experience running from approximately 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily. Our PRIME-LC Academy Scholars will take part in a variety of activities including:

  • Community Experience - Scholars will attend activities scheduled at community-based sites who partner with PRIME-LC in central Orange County. Activities can include direct patient care, health education, and mentorship.
  • Leadership Training - Our scholars will receive instruction on being a successful physician-leader from experienced faculty and volunteers.
  • Anatomy Experience - Scholars will receive hands-on experience with human anatomy and dissections.  
  • Medical Resuscitation - In the renowned UCI Medical Education Simulation Center, learners will learn and practice the basics of medical resuscitation.
  • Procedure Workshops - Scholars will learn the basics in suturing, ultrasound and other common medical procedures. 
  • PRIME-LC Medical Student Forum - Current UCI Medical Students will give fascinating insights into the life of a medical student. 
  • Graduation Celebration - PRIME-LC Academy Scholars will receive a certificate of completion and be honored at a graduation celebration.

PRIME-LC Academy studentsApplication Process

The Summer 2021 Academies may be held in person, if health guidelines allow, or offered as a remote experience. We expect to have more information and applications available on this website by late February. Please click here if you would like to be added to our interest list.




To learn more about the UCI PRIME-LC program, please visit the UCI PRIME-LC website.

Contact Us

For more information or questions, please contact us at or 949-824-7136.

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