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Outreach Events

Each year, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion hosts two events aimed at bringing talented students to UC Irvine to meet with our School of Medicine faculty and medical students.

We also want them to see first-hand our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, not just among our medical students but also among our staff and faculty.

These outreach events, Diversity Week and Diversity Revisit Day, are held on the Irvine campus.


Diversity Week »

Each year the Division of Diversity and Inclusion hosts Diversity Week, a series of medical student-run events and workshops to showcase various social and cultural topics within medicine.

All events are open to UC Irvine students, staff/faculty and community. Our goal is to raise awareness and promote discussion about issues relating to underrepresented and minority populations within the healthcare system.

For Diversity Week 2017, held Feb. 25 through March 2, the following UC Irvine School of Medicine student organizations participated:

    • Addiction Medicine Interest Group
    • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
    • American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)
    • Latino Medical Student Assocation (LMSA)
    • eQuality
    • Filipino Americans in Medicine (FAIM)

UC Irvine School of Medicine students and staff meet with visitors during Diversity Week 2017.

Above, students and guests attend a cultural competencies workshop
presented by the Latino Medical Student Association at the UC Irvine
School of Medicine during Diversity Week 2017.

School of Medicine students, staff and faculty, including Dr. Carol Major, second from left, worked to coordinate Diversity Week 2017, which showcases the university's commitment to bring diversity to the ranks of the medical profession.

Diversity Week 2017 attendees pictured above are, from left, UC Irvine
medical student Spencer Albertson; Assistant Dean Carol A. Major, MD;
medical student Faith Njoku; Charles Modlin, MD, executive director of
minority health at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio; and medical student Kelley


Diversity Revisit Day »

Each year, we host a "Diversity Revisit Day" to give our admitted MD applicants an intimate second look at our program and our support network for these incoming students from traditionally underrepresented groups in medicine.

On March 20, 2017, admitted applicants returned for an opportunity to engage with current medical students, staff members, faculty and patients.

They also met with a very special audience, highlighted in the photos below: a group of sixth-grade students eager for mentorship and career advice from the UC Irvine's incoming medical students.

UC Irvine MD applicants engage with sixth-grade students who are also interested in a career in healthcare.
Sixth-grade students interested in medical careers meet with UC Irvine School of Medicine applicants for Diversity Revisit Day.     UC Irvine medical school applicants return to the Irvine campus to meet with faculty, staff and future medical school applicants.

For more information about future Diversity Week and Diversity Revisit Day events, please contact us at