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Tutoring and Learning Skills

The Student Affairs staff is committed to your well being as you move through UC Irvine School of Medicine.

We encourage you to use any or all of the academic and counseling resources available to you.

We want to promote a supportive and happy environment, one in which you can learn a lot, feel good and work well with faculty, staff and fellow students. The Student Affairs staff welcomes your inquires about resources you may need.

Academic advising

For academic advisement, please contact:

Learning skills and test-taking

Want to hone your learning skills and test-taking abilities? Contact:

Peer support

The UC Irvine School of Medicine's Big Sib/Little Sib Program is a matching program that pairs second-year students with first-year students to help them navigate medical school and be a sounding board and support system.

Here's what a former second-year student, Norina Grove, says about the matching program:

"We all know how hard you have worked to get here and you should be proud of yourselves, since you not only got into a medical school, you have joined one of the best med school families!

"You have probably already noticed how awesome everyone at UC Irvine is. When I interviewed I was blown away by the kind attitude of the admissions people. Having spent a year at UC Irvine I can say with confidence that you will never find a more welcoming environment than UC Irvine School of Medicine.

"We know how excited and overwhelmed you get as it gets closer to the beginning of your medical school life, and since we were in your shoes just a year ago, we know how difficult it might be to transition from your premedical school life to be a med student. To help you make the transition more smoothly we have matched each of you with a second-year medical student who will be your Big Sib, and like in a real family, will guide you through all four years of medical school, helping you with academic advice and/or life outside of medical school. It is completely up to you what you want this relationship to be. You can limit it to just academics or turn it into a lifetime relationship. Don’t be afraid to 'use' your big sibs. Ask them about everything: what books to use, what lectures to go to, where and how to study, where to hang out.

"Keep in mind that you are not limited to just one person. You can email anyone if you have a question. We are your new family and we are here for you in happiness and sorrow.

"Good luck with your first year!"