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The Clinical Skills Center (CSC) curriculum is designed to enhance the clinical education of medical students and residents using our technologically advanced center, located on the Medical Education Building's second floor.

The $40-million, 65,000-square-foot center is equipped with the most advanced technology to simulate clinical settings.

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  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4

Clinical Foundations I

Clinical Foundations (CF) I is the first year of the longitudinal Clinical Foundation Series for all medical students. It is an introductory clinical medicine course for first-year students. 

During the CF I sessions, students learn core skills of the medical interview, physical examination, patient physician communication and medical record documentation. Each student completes multiple medical interviews and physical examinations as well as patient write-ups.

The CF I course is comprised of the following modules:

  • Six history modules
    • Vital signs are taught during two of the history modules
    • An individual meeting with the core teachers is held during module VI
  • Observed patient history exam
    • Two history cases and two patient write-ups
  • Ten physical exam modules
    • Cardiovascular — two modules
    • Pulmonary/HEENT — two modules
    • GI — two modules
    • Musculoskeletal — two modules
    • Neurological I
    • Neurological II

Clinical Foundations II

Clinical Foundations II is the second year in the clinical foundation series. Its core objectives are to help medical students acquire advanced clinical skills that include:

  • Patient history and physical exam
  • Exam differential diagnosis
  • Critical reasoning and write-ups

The CF II course holds the following modules in the Clinical Skills Center:

  • Two complete history and physical exam modules
    • one-on-one session with core teacher
  • Six history and physical exam modules
    • Fever
    • Cardiac
    • Pulmonary
    • Endocrine
    • GI
    • Diabetes
    • OSCE Review
  • Two objective-structured clinical exams
    • Four cases
      • Three history and physical exam cases
      • One complete physical exam station
      • One ultrasound station
  • Pediatric workshop — This multi-station workshop teaches the pediatric physical exam, pediatric musculoskeletal exam, ultrasound, simulation and other relevant skills for the pediatric patient. This includes: 
    • A pelvic workshop small group session — a breast exam and pelvic exam, taught by the OB/Gyn faculty
    • GU workshop small group session — GU exam, foley catheter and suturing are taught by urology and surgery faculty

Clinical Foundations III

Clinical Foundations III, the third year in the clinical foundation series, is a pre-clinical preparation course for Clerkship Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE).

The following clerkships have OSCEs during the third year:

  • Surgery
  • OB GYN
  • Pediatrics
  • Family Medicine
  • Neuroscience

Clinical Practice Exam (CPX)

The Clinical Practice Exam (CPX) is administered early in the fourth year of medical school.

This eight-station standardized patient exam provides several measures of clinical performance. It assesses history-taking skills, physical examination skills, patient-physician communication, relationship building and clinical reasoning. 

Passage of the CPX is required of all students before graduation. On-call scenarios are presented to the MS IV students during CF IV.

Groups of two or three students work with RN's in scenarios representative of on-call experiences.