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Message from the associate dean

Dr. Warren Wiechmann, associate dean, Educational Technologies
UC Irvine Health Marketing & Communications
Dr. Warren Wiechmann, MD, MBA, associate dean, Educational Technologies

At UC Irvine School of Medicine, we are rethinking medical education to make it interactive and innovative.

At the center of this mission is our iMedEd Initiative, which represents a comprehensive reboot of our medical school curriculum.

The initiative is not just a play on the Apple product nomenclature. Nor is it solely about the iPad, which is given to each first-year medical student when they arrive.

Rather, it is  framework for rethinking medical education, to augment and improve the quality and delivery of training for our students.

We feel the timing is right for this transition.

Our students have demonstrated the familiarity and need for instructional technologies in their education.

Our patients also are becoming savvier and are demanding the highest quality of care, which new technologies help us provide.

We are at a transition point in medicine where our paper-based systems are becoming obsolete and technology is creating ways for faster and safer delivery of care to our patients.

We expect our physicians to fully adopt this technology and it only makes sense for us, as educators, to train future physicians to use this technology and how to critically appraise it.

The School of Medicine's Division of Educational Technologies works to support these goals.